How to choose the right haircut for thick hair and oval face

How to choose the right haircut for thick hair and oval face

Posted on Aug 9, 2019 in Face Shape, Stylish Haircut

Every man seems difficult to choose the right haircut according to their face and hair type at every stage of age to look stylish and cool. From the plenty of hairstyles, picking the right haircut will make you balance your facial and total appearance by the account of hair texture.

Comparing to other face shapes there are many hairstyles for thick hair and oval face shape are available. Check the below content from this article to find the right hairstyle for oval face for male with different look.

Know about your face shape?

Among the list of face shape, you have to identify your face shape first to move on next step to styling. Depends on the measurement of the forehead, cheekbones, jaw line, face length your face shape will be determined. List of face shapes is listed below.

  • Oval Face Shape
  • Square face shape
  • Round face shape
  • Oblong or long face shape
  • Triangle face shape
  • Diamond face shape

How to measure oval face shape?

Take out the points to measure your face, measure the width of cheekbones first and check whether your face length is greater than the measured measurement of cheekbones width. After that, compare the width of the jaw line from your face against the length of your forehead. If the measured face length and forehead is the length, then check whether your angle of the jaw is sharp it is the signs of oval face shape.

oval face shape

What are the stylish hairstyles will be preferred to oval face shape men?

You might know, what are the parlors are available from the decades and specialist to create new hairstyles without reputation in nature. Prefer to visit like that reputed parlor to get an experienced stylist to style your hair. Know the men’s hairstyles for oval faces men in current trend of haircuts from online through various websites, Social Media application or websites then suggest with your stylist to choose the right hairstyle for your face. List of hairstyles are as follows.

Hairstyle for college students

An asymmetrical hairstyle is mostly preferred to students to look great in both formal and casual dressing. By cutting a hair on the asymmetric level on the length and comb it on the flat and hops on the head will provide a better look.

haircut for oval face

Hairstyle for lengthy forehead men

Cutting bangs on your hair depends upon the volume, then cover your forehead with the small bangs will give a quiet trendy look. Even you can comb your center part of hair by facing backside of head along with the coverage of the forehead gives the look of the thickness of hair at the top.

Hairstyle for non-voluminous hair

Even you can choose medium bang cut only on the front of your forehead will also suit for oval face men to prefer from hairstyles for men with oval faces. One more famous hairstyle for chubby oval face men is you can cut your hair with the different lengths and make the entire hair to mess on different sides with the different length give sporty look. You can cover your forehead with the front messy hair with the short length hair.